lisette lugo

Classes and Workshops

Lisette Lugo focuses on teaching in three areas, drawing from life, memory, and imagination. She gives you the techniques, tools, and inspiration you need to build the artist within you. Are you a parent of a student with special needs? Or someone who needs inspiration or direction? With a focus on your specific needs, Lisette sets up a program that fits your artistic vision. Call for a no-cost consultation and prepare for your workshop.

Abstract Artwork Featuring Artist's Signature Color Pink

Private Art Lessons

Most sessions are 1½ hours for $65, with materials included. Lisette focuses on drawing, painting, journaling, and helping you break out of artistic blocks. Printmaking sessions are suggested 2 hours and cost $80 per person. We use a 2000lb Griffin Press to make our prints.

Group Workshops

These workshops are similar to private lessons, but are altered to meet the needs of a larger group. Let's design a workshop for your group. They can occur one time or weekly with between four and six students. Cost varies regarding workshop needs.

Team Building Workshops

Start building positive relationships between your employees. Through the power of art, Lisette helps both small and large companies bond, build, and create, encouraging your staff to thinking creatively. Whether it is for a private office or conference room, Lisette can design a program to inspire.