lisette lugo

About Lisette

Lisette Lugo was born and raised in South San Francisco, California. She created a life path of art from a young age. She is a visual artist who works with a wide array of materials and found objects. Initially she attended the Academy of Art University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. For many years, Lisette focused on editorial work with books, magazines, and advertising prints, but after the birth of her first child, her professional practice towards fine art began.

Bright and Colorful Artwork

Teaching Begins

After living in Los Angeles for a few years, returning to San Francisco, Lisette continued her fine art work and was offered a teaching job. Teaching became very fulfilling, so she opened her own studio. Teaching evolved with schools and organizations in the Bay Area with ages ranging from toddlers to elders. Her students range in a variety of lifestyles both physically or emotianally.  Recently, she has begun team-building lessons with groups such as Oracle, Facebook, Genentech, and Gilead.

Art At Home

Lugo has a large, six-foot Griffin press for mono printing and etching. You will always find her preparing to melt encaustics, her oils and acrylics near at hand. Being a multitasker, her studio has several art pieces being worked on at the same time. Since the tragic loss of her husband, leaving her to raise two small children on her own, art making has been the greatest therapy for her and her family.

The Travelling Artist

A recent love for the last few years has been travelling. San Carlos, California, is home, but Lugo has a great love for people, and has been to Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.  When traveling, you will notice her artistic reportage of an area in her artist notebook. Most recently, she ventured to Managua, Nicaragua, to research her ancestry and learn more about her parents who immigrated to America as children. The discovery of ancestry both reinforces and encourages directions in her art, reframing myths and truths about her roots. We will soon see the landscape of Lugo evolve once again.

Pretty In Pink

Pink has surfaced as a common ground for many of Lugo's artworks recently after her visit to Nicaragua. You will notice the varying degrees of pink, and how she recalls growing up in a pink house as a child in the Bay Area.

Abstract artwork Featuring Swirl Shape
Abstract Art Featuring Color Purple
Abstract Art on Canvas